Drum spirit


Drum spirit


Trumpet Spirit from the underworld series 
The next step in developing a 'alternative music of the eyes' i have taken inspiration from the roots of our musical culture and the rich visual history of African art. This series tells the tale of Orpheus a legendary musician who had the ability to charm all living things and even stones with his music; his attempt to retrieve his wife from the underworld; and his death at the hands of those who could not hear his divine music. 
This piece depicts the spirit of a old jazz musician jamming out in the afterlife 

A fine art quality giclee print with hand gold leaf embellishments applied by me the artist to make each print individual 

Available in 
A2 59.4cm x 42cm 

Signed and printed by the artist to order 

Printed on Hahnemuehle Matt FineArt – smooth 
305 gsm, 100% Cotton, white 

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