The Love Inn mural. Stokes Croft

I was commissioned by my friends Dave and Tom to do a huge mural outside there pub. This is the first time I have done anything of this scale and outdoors. I was a bit apprehensive especially considering the scaffolding had 4 floors! but soon got in to it. I used a mix of spray paint / outdoor paint / black and white photos copies and gold leaf. I really wanted to experiment with using printouts as collage on the piece as i use my patterns and textures so heavily on my digital work i wanted to see if it could transfer over on to a wall. Applying the gold leaf with the wind blowing was a challenging experience… I think i showered many of the passers by with specks of gold! Anyway it was a great experience and I hope to get the opportunity to do many more.

If you have a wall that needs doing get in touch!


Victoria ToppingComment